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Yes, you can defy diabetes with your slow cooker!
Think you have to give up all your favorite foods because you have diabetes?
  It's time to welcome back Scalloped Potatoes, Macaroni and Cheese, and Chocolate Peanut Butter Cake. Now, thanks to Fix-It and Forget-It® Diabetic Cookbook, these irresistible comfort foods are no longer off-limits.

Over 600 no-fuss recipes take so little time and attention, they'll help you stick to your food goals. So relax and enjoy — every mouthwatering morsel is diabetes-approved! Just toss in a few simple ingredients, turn on your slow cooker, and when you come home, dinner is ready and waiting!
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  Who could turn out perfect Hot Fudge Cake, Beef Enchiladas, and Creamy Hash Browns in your slow cooker?

With Fix-It and Forget-It Diabetic Cookbook, there are no limits to the creative and satisfying meals you can make with your slow cooker. Tough cuts of meat turn out tender and juicy. Vegetables stay crisp and colorful. Gooey, rich cakes are easier than using a mix. Even hard-to-cook fish is a snap!
  Slow-cooker easy ... comfort-food yummy ... diabetes-approved!
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Chicken Sausage Cacciatore
Chicken and Dumplings
Stuffed Turkey Breast
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Try Fix-It and Forget-It Diabetic Cookbook FREE for 21 days! Plus get 2 free gifts!
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